I seek textures.

In the food we eat, the people and hands that create it; in conversations and minds that compel them; in local business people and communities anchored by them; in cultures and perspectives grown from them; in insecurities and revelations mustered from them; in obsessions and secrets revealed in them; in connections and the human race that survives off of them.

I aim to be a platform for people and ideas to be understood from. I want to start conversations about the mundane to the complex and break down the conventions of how those should go— details, narratives, all of it. Not all stories are found in books. Brands, businesses, artists— all narratives in progress. I want to introduce not what to think but what to think about. Because I think that a world where people have the access to stories and the ability to choose this, but maybe not that, and a little of that over there, is beautiful.

I have been working in print and digital media with a focus on culture, food and local communities, and yet, I continue to crave a deeper level of storytelling that is accessible and relevant to a wider, more diverse audience. It’s easy to lose focus in the psychobabble of the internet, but I seek to tell stories with vision across mediums.




- Helping individuals and brands tell their stories, through words, visuals and creative strategies. Find me staring at colors, pointing at textures, waffling between words, and championing a branding process that is intentional, empathetic, and generous.
- Using my odd skills and synesthetic thoughts to notice people and ideas, understand them, express the authentic wholeness of them.
Simply, developing what is true and necessary of things and helping them to be known and seen. (I want to help others see why you are necessary, magical even.)
- Working on connecting communities and individuals, while bridging what is known, for what really is. Sowing necessary conversations and dialogue for more listening and understanding  spaces.
- Taking classes, attending lectures, getting my butt/mind kicked at workshops to remind myself that there is so much to learn. Always a student.
(Yes, I'm awful at ceramics, but there is a kindness to knowing you’re bad at something.)

- Always, always looking for something wholesome, delicious, and layered, because life is best shared and celebrated.

Find me waxing poetic about coffee shops or obsessing over patterns (physical, cultural, social, delectable or otherwise).
Restlessly pulling inspiration and generating ideas for, about and with everything. 

Proud member of the Journalism and Women Symposium and Creative Lady Collective.

Contributor to:
Cooking Light Magazine
Fellow Magazine
Creative Loafing Atlanta
Ponce City Market
Eidé Magazine
CommonCreativ ATL
Swirl Zine
Ampersand Magazine
Athena Talks
The Writing Cooperative
ART + Marketing
Thought Catalog
Poetry of Imperfection
and more.

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