Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communications:
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Emphasis in Magazines
Minor in Sociology
McGill Fellow Advancing Journalistic Courage  – Fall 2012

Accenture — August 2019
Certificate of Digital Skills: User Experience


Plywood People
Marketing Leader, 
February 2019 — August 2019

- Led creative/editorial content for the brand, as well as consulting on 2 sub-brands.
- Managed and directed all creative talent (photo, video, art, and design). 
- Fostered relationships within and outside of the Plywood community— made up of hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations.
- Led the concept and execution of activation experiences, brand interactions, and spatial decor for a 3-day conference with 3 venues, 4 stages and over 800 attendees.
- Managed 3 interns, training in creative and marketing, working to bring out their specific strengths and assigning them to projects that challenged their weaknesses.
- Planned and produced email and social media campaigns. Experienced growth in every channel, every month, with social growing in the thousands.
- Worked on creating spaces and cultures that were more accessible to a wider range of perspectives— how to grow our community in a way that is organic and relational.

Writer, Editor, and Consultant, 
November 2015 — Present

- Content development for print, digital, and social.
- Copywriting and editing for startups and businesses.
- Portfolio consultation and creation.
- Website copy consultation and development.

Emery Creative
Verbal Director / Project Manager,  
August 2017 — November 2018

- Advocated for Brand Identity and Voice. 
- Maintained meaningful and true copy for E//C and clients.
- Kept projects in perspective and maintain ongoing visibility on moving pieces.
- Mediated internal and external communication.

Creative Director,  October 2016 — October 2017 *project-basis

- Supported Brand Strategy and Brand Workshops.
- Directed copy/content concept, development, assignment, direction, editing,
critique, social/media production. Visual concept and direction for art, photo, and video.

Content Developer and Writer, January 2016 — August 2016

- Developed content for email, blog, and social marketing— copy and visuals, 
as well as recipe development and food photography.
- Managed content in editing and assigning stories and pieces.
- Acted as a resource for concept, development, and editing of multimedia/editorial.

Project Assistant, Contributing Producer, and Photographer, November 2015 — January 2016

90.3 WBHM, Birmingham's Local NPR Station – BIRMINGHAM, AL
Freelance ProducerNovember 2015 — January 2016
News Intern, Photographer, July 2015 – October 2015

- Reported, edited, voiced and produced stories for radio. Using Audition and Rivendell.
- Photographed subjects and events, and edited in Photoshop, Premiere, and VSCO.
- Digital production on Wordpress and social media outlets.
- Edited and produced narratives in WBHM's StoryCorps Out Loud. 

Editorial Fellow,   June 2014 – July 2015

- Conceptualized, photographed and wrote for the Simmer and Boil blog.
- Wrote ingredient, product and chef pieces for print.
- Fact-checking, galley production and managing public CL e-mail accounts. 
- Managed the booze blog series.
- Tested and developed recipes in the test kitchen. 

Freelance Contributing Writer, August 2013 – July 2015

- Assisted in organizational and public relations tasks.
- Contributed monthly feature pieces to print, regarding culture, food and community.
- Photographed story subjects— food, portraits, cultural perspectives.

Staff Writer/ Food Editor, January 2012 – August 2013

- Coordinated with photographers and editors and conceptualized photo shoots.
- Created the vision for each issue's Food section and assigned sections. 

Departments Editor, August 2013 – May 2014

- Managed and edited the Music, Fashion, Leisure, Art and Food departments in concept, content and design.
- Collaborated with writers, photographers, and designers while acting as a medium between each. 
- Food-styled and coordinated online content. 

Food & Drink Editorial Intern, May 2013 – August 2013

- Assisted editors in updating restaurant listings and entering events into a database.
- Managed web content and carried out organizational duties, like fact checking and transcribing.
- Wrote news pieces for print on local events and businesses .

Intern, January 2013 – January 2014

- Assisted in marketing, using avenues such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
- Wrote news pieces on local artists and events.


Digital: Marvel. Sketch. LucidChart. Balsamiq.
Invision. InDesign. InCopy. Squarespace. Photoshop.
Premiere. Bridge. Audition. Rivendell.
Soundslides. Audacity. Wordpress. Blogger. Tumblr.

Project Management: Harvest. Monday. Sheets.

Photography: Editorial, feature, food, portrait, documentary.

Marketing/ Production: Mailchimp. Hootsuite. Drupal. Planoly.

Language: Fluent in Korean.

* skill of note: bakes bagels*

Soul Work

Master Storyteller & Project Architect, 2018

We Love BuHi creates connection and belonging within Buford Highway's multicultural community through place-based storytelling and design. We Love BuHi envisions a socially and culturally inclusive, economically just, and environmentally sustainable community that is interwoven with its immigrant stories.

(Transmitting belief and assurance that everyone has done good things to the broader community, and encouraging all to share their voices.)
- Administered and organized the oral history collection, transcription, and publication process.
- Reviewed and personally digested the recordings and transcripts to have a holistic understanding of how the project is organically growing/changing.
- Designed a process to help guide and support interviewers as their understanding of the Buford Highway community and of their own role in this project grows and changes.
- Designed a process to connect narrators to each other.
- Guided design of how these stories will be used by We Love BuHi to accomplish our mission.
- Provided input for project communications strategy (how will partner organizations, local governments, academic institutions, community members, etc. talk about this project).
- Guided how this project will be perceived and used outside Buford Highway/Atlanta.

Wake Up Atlanta ATLANTA, GA
Consultant, 2019

Wake Up Atlanta is dedicated to increasing civic engagement and awareness in the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community in relation to the rest of Atlanta.